Pet Transportation Services

If you need assistance moving your pet on the ground, then you will need a transporter who is familiar with the techniques involved in handling animals and an appropriate vehicle that will keep your pet comfortable and hydrated during its journey. You will also need a good pet crate to keep your pet safe. Our private pet transport services offers an exclusive ride for your dog or cat and no other animals are on board except yours. This type of animal transportation tends to cost a little more but is direct non stop transportation from your pets old home to its new home. 

 Perfect Care and Transportation Services have contracted with a company name Citizen Shipper to become transporter for pets. In 2021 we will start transporting pets (cats and dogs) to other states.  The cost to transport a pet through PCTS is $0.60 per mile. If you would like to have a pet transported to another state or have your pet taken to a veterinarian please contact us to provide service for you. 

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