Perfect Care & Transportation Service


Why P.C.T.S.

Statistics have it that about 3.6 million Americans miss or delay medical care services simply because they lack

appropriate means of transportation to catch up with their medical appointments. Also, the average low-income earners in the United States lack the disposable income necessary to have access to a working

automobile, and as a result, they may lack transportation options to get to and from medical appointments.

This is why we will work with our customers to provide non-emergency medical transportation benefit

that pays for the least expensive and suitable way of getting people to their appointments.

 Our promise

During patient wellness efforts and chronic care management plans, consistent and reliable patient access to care is essential. Non-emergency medical transportation is a core solution to patient care access among populations facing transportation barriers. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) includes transportation services offered to patients and healthcare consumers who face extraordinary barriers getting to their medical appointments. Our promise to our customers is to make sure they make it to every appointment to ensure a healthy lifestyle. 

      Our brilliant team

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Wilfredo D. R. Bullock


Veronica O. Bullock


Chester M. White

Transportation Manager